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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Truckers can't drive 55?

The Ohio Senate has approved a version of the state's two-year transportation budget.

In the bill contains a provision that would eliminate split speeds for truckers and cars on Ohio's interstate.

Any vehicle or noncommercial bus weighing more than 8,000 pounds could legally drive 65 miles per hour, just like a car. Now trucks can't legally drive faster than 55 miles per hour, while cars can drive 65 miles per hour.

Many in the trucking industry argue that there would be fewer accidents because cars would be traveling the same speed as trucks. For example, they cite less chance for a car to hit the backside of a truck.

The Ohio Highway Patrol disagrees and in the past has lobbied heavily against the proposal.

The OHP says that studies show raising the speed limit causes more accidents and that the damage during an accident is often worse and leads to more fatalities because it takes longer for these heavier vehicles to stop.

This isn't the first time this proposal has been floated.

We'll see who wins.

-- John Arthur Hutchison

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