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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brunner not so FECless?

At last look in this writer's Wednesday column June 10, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was asking her campaign staff to re-examine something.

That was all about the campaign switching $15,000 in funds from her defunct warchest as S.O.S. to her campaign for U.S. Senate, which had not officially yet, uh, functionally started.

But instead of investigating herself, what if Brunner saw the watchdog Federal Elections Commission step in? That's as mused in the Wednesday column.

Next thing you know, on the next day of Thursday (June 11), aha, Brunner asked the FEC to step in.

Her written statement: "While I remain confident that all state and federal campaign finance laws have been followed, the FEC has the legal authority and expertise to resolve this issue."

--David W. Jones


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