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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health care debate continues in Ohio

State Sen. Tim Grendell continues to be upset over the fact that Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray won’t join in a lawsuit with other state attorney generals who oppose the new federal health care law.

At least 14 state attorney generals have signed on to the the court action to claim the legislation has no constitutional merit.

Grendell, R-Chester Township, also has introduced legislation, Senate Bill 224, that would make it Ohio’s policy for people living in the state to be able to choose not to have health insurance.

It also would ensure that Ohioans are not assessed a fine or fee as a result of their choice.

“It is most unfortunate for Ohio that Attorney General Cordray is no longer acting as the lawyer for the people of Ohio,” Grendell said. “Instead he now acts as a federal judge who is unilaterally passing judgment on the constitutionality of the abusive federal healthcare bill, instead of letting Ohioans have the constitutionality of that legislation tested in federal courts."

Cordray, a Democrat who is seeking re-election, said he drew upon his experience as an appellate lawyer and law professor to research the request and make his decision.

“Based on my review of Ohio law and H.R. 3590, and my experience with federal constitutional law, I do not believe that the lawsuits filed against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have any legal merit whatsoever,” Cordray said. “As a result, I believe it would be a waste of taxpayer resources for Ohio to join any such lawsuit, and we will not be doing so.”

-- John Arthur Hutchison

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