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Friday, April 23, 2010

See How They Run

By wondering out loud and asking news-noisy questions that turned into a lucky hit, did this scribbler’s Sunday print-edition column of March 28 correctly asking the right question?

You know: Might an independent join the crowd of candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives seat in the 98th District of Geauga County and eastern Cuyahoga County?

Or as mused: “Could a fifth candidate file as an independent for the same Ohio House seat in Columbus?”

In Geauga County, that could turn out to correctly be Chester Township businessman Mark Saric. As of late afternoon today (Friday, April 23) he had not filed candidacy nominating petitions. But did file notice with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office, did create a Web for himself as “Candidate for State Representative 98th District” and did tell the Geauga Elections Board he is circulating petitions.

So the luckout syndrome might continue.

Such wondering led to the first stories on Republican Matt Dolan resigning as 98th state rep to run for the newly created office of chief executive office the allegedly corrupted Cuyahoga County government.

The next luckout was confirming former state Rep. Dick Hollington appointed as Dolan successor and then state Rep. Tim Grendell, Skip Claypool, Mary Briggs and Bob Cannon announcing for the same two-year term in that office.

Luckouts also led to the first story on Republican Hollington dropping out the race and leaving the May 4 primary to Republicans Claypool and Grendell, plus Briggs unopposed the same day by a fellow Democrat.

Now the ultimate GOP nominee (so far think Grendell) and Democrat Briggs will head to the Nov. 2 ballot to face the Constitution Party’s Bob Cannon and probably independent Saric. All reside in Geauga.

Of course, what if any of them drop out as did Dolan and Hollington?

P.$. Of the announced candidates, who filed required campaign warchest disclosures by Thursday’s filing deadline with the Ohio $ecretary of $tate’s Office in Columbus?

Of the only reports seen, Claypool raised and/or spent various amounts, leaving him with $902 toward the May primary.

Hmm. The Bainbridge Republcian Club endorses Claypool for state rep, Seth Morgan for state auditor and Eugene Lucci for 11th Appellate Court.

But fellow Republican Grendell starts with a $3,395 campaign fund balance to spend in the same next couple of weeks. On the other hand, as Grendell also reported, he has outstanding debts of (what?) $93,986 and loans owed of $28,625.

P.P.S. Talking about Cuyahoga County CEO candidate Dolan--didn't he joint Cuyahoga Auditor Jim Rokakis in calling for for Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and Auditor Frank Russo to resign from their county offices?

Which relates to a topic in this scribe's Sunday print column.

--David W. Jones


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