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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chief Llewellyn DROP-ping out?

Mentor Police Chief Dan Llewellyn is among city safety force staff required to exit the Deferred Retirement Option Program and retire in the coming months.

The "DROP" program is a chance for police and firefighters in the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund to save money while delaying retirement.

Sources say City Manager Ken Filipiak is considering rehiring Llewellyn and that a majority of council members are opposed. However, all council members acknowledge that it is the manager's sole call to make, per the city charter.

Council only has the authority to hire or fire council employees: the law director, council clerk and city manager. Yet rumor has it that Filipiak is taking council's opinion into consideration. More to come on this one.

--Betsy Scott


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take my advice and don't call Mentor Police if you need help or you could end up being arrested. Had a disagreement with a family member that ended up being physical. During this an off duty MPD officer showed up along with some neighbors who had nothing better to do. At the time I was instructed by the off duty officer to let him take over. I did and he was causing pain to the other family member I told him to release him and he did.

Then about four cruisers showed up and asked all three of us what was going on. I told my version and he told his and my Wife told hers. Then of course they had to ask the neighbors their version when they didn't have a clue of what just happened. Well to make matters worse they had such a show going on by having four crusiers there they had to arrest somebody. For the record when the Police had arrived nothing was going on not even a verbal exchange between the parties involved, so again there was "NO" reason to arrest anyone!

I noticed they were arresting the other person involved and much to my surprise they arrested me who wasn't the perpetrator or the aggressor. By doing that they were showing the neighbors who watching they had done their jobs and arrested the bad guys. Btw when they arrested both us they didn't advise us of our rights. They must have been caught up in the moment.

Going to Police station I repeated to the officer I hadn't done anything wrong. He said I'll most likely go to court and the judge will dismiss the case, wrong, it's now set for a pretrial. In Lake County this happened before and the Sheriffs came out and they didn't arrest anyone just gave a warning. Nothing was mentioned of a D Violence charge! Why? Because it didn't have anything to do with that and those Police officers had something more than Mentor Police and that's common sense.

The arresting officer didn't give a rats behind if I get charged for something I didn't do as long as he can make it stick. Who cares if I get a Police record for something I didn't do and have to pay fines or maybe do time as along as he gets a conviction. My advice is think twice about calling the Mentor Police because as bizarre as it gets you maybe the one paying the price for something you didn't do.

August 11, 2010 at 11:16 PM 

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