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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ready, aim--

OK. Yes, gun owners in Ohio, Lake County, Geauga County and especially Cleveland in Cuyahoga County “may buy, sell, transfer, store of keep any firearm.:

So says the GOP-majority Ohio Supreme Court in a 5-2 decision announced this morning (Wednesday) to uphold a 2006 law opposed by GOP former Gov. Bob Taft but passed into law by the GOP-controlled Ohio Legislature in Columbus.

Filing a legal disagreement with Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court, Cleveland said the new law violates the city’s home-rule powers.

The court disagreed and the city filed an appeal. Cuyahoga’s 8th District Appellate Court then agreed with the city in a decision which went before the state court.

The OK Corral high court rejected the 8th District decision. Five SUPCO justices, Republicans all, said the appellate judges “erred.”

Disagreeing with their peers were lame duck SUPCO Chief Justice Eric Brown, who’s a Democrat, and Justice Paul Pfeifer, a Republican independent.

What might the current GOP-majority Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives, which has revolved itself from a Democrat to Republican majority, do when they assemble Monday with new GOP Gov. John Kasich?

Republicans? Didn't re-elected state Reps. Lorraine Fende and Kenny Yuko, Democrats both, get endorsed by the National Rifle Association? When Kasich was in Congress, didn't he NOT get endorsed by owners groups?

Ah. But such musings are just shots in the dark. And besides, what about being allowed to carry guns into restaurants and bars? Might that come up in 2011 before state legislators?

--David W. Jones


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