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Friday, December 3, 2010

What goes around--

State Sen. Tim Grendell's been voted in as state Rep.-elect Grendell  to the lower-chamber Ohio House seat in Columbus.

But he retitled and retained himself to his upper chamber Ohio Senate seat in Columbus. So can there ever be enough copycat humor, wisecracks and cartoons about such duality?

And no, silly, that's not a takeoff on LeBron James, once of the Cleveland Cavaliers and now of the Miami Heat, back at the Q in Cleveland where he defeated himself--no, defeated his former basketball team--but it all looked like him totally at home playing in the, yes,Q.

So no jokes about James anointing himself  to one chamber in Florida, then deciding he'd rather play in the Cleveland chamber.

But what's all this maybe to do with Ron Micchia?

You know -- Micchia  got himself elected  from one Mentor City Council seat to another a few years back.

Then he did it again this year.That is,  the upper chamber citywide Councilman at large Micchia  got himself elected as lower chamber Ward 4 Councilman Micchia.

Peers now debate about whom they will appoint to Micchia's citywide seat. But what if (hello, Tim) Micchia declares he now doesn't want to serve in the Ward 4 seat? What if  he issues his own order  to serve out remainder of term in the citywide seat?

Then somebody must choose somebody to serve as the appointee in, yes, Ward 4?.

What goes around  comes around.

--David W. Jones


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