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Monday, February 14, 2011

14th Congressional District: A chance to vent about federal regulations

U.S. Rep. Steven C. LaTourette, R-Bainbridge Township, says he hopes local small businesses will use a new feature on his congressional website to share their thoughts on how federal regulations impact their work.

Visit the website at and click the “Job Creators Speak Out” section on the right side of the page. Clicking the link will direct you to the American Job Creators website, where you can submit a detailed response.

“The Administration often talks a good game about helping small business grow and prosper, but I hear from countless small business owners who say nothing proposed in DC ever truly helps, and they feel buried in regulations,” LaTourette said.

He said local businesses don’t object to all regulations, but there are some that make their heads spin, like a new health care law provision that requires the filing of a1099 tax form each time you spend at least $600 with any vendor. LaTourette is asking local businesses to contact him and share their stories about coping with regulations and what can be done to help ease the burden.

“You are in a better position to advocate what could help your business than a DC-insider who has never had to meet a payroll, much less wrestle with inventory, manufacturing and distribution issues, regulations and tax compliance,” LaTourette said. “This is a chance to tell me the unvarnished truth about what works, what doesn’t, and why regulations affect your business in particular. Please be brutally honest and don’t be afraid to share your opinion.”

-- John Arthur Hutchison
Twitter: newsheraldjah

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