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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some Nov. 6 election predictions

The presidential election Tuesday is just a couple days away and there are many races for voters to decide.

With that said, several races in Lake and Geauga counties and Ohio were tough for me to predict winners and I could be wrong on quite a few, but here are some of them (not meant to imply endorsement).
President (Ohio winner)
Candidates: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney
Comment/Prediction: Obama. Very close and Romney could win; we might not know the winner Tuesday.
U.S. Senate
Candidates: Sherrod Brown, Josh Mandel
Prediction/Comment: Brown. Ohio’s nastiest race; Mandel could win if Romney carries Ohio.
14th Congressional District
Candidates: Dale Virgil Blanchard, David Joyce, David Macko, Elaine Mastromatteo
Prediction/Comment: Joyce. Elected experience, large campaign warchest and Steve LaTourette’s blessing; Blanchard got little party support.
Ohio House District 60
Candidates: Lori DiNallo, John Rogers
Prediction/Comment: Rogers. Toss-up. Democratic district helps Rogers only able to campaign two months.
Ohio House District 61
Candidates: Susan McGuinness, Ron Young
Prediction/Comment: Young. Incumbent should hold serve.
Ohio House District 76
Candidates: Matt Lynch, Tom Warren
Prediction/Comment: Lynch wins the Republican-leaning district.
Ohio House District 99
Candidates: Casey Kozlowski, John Patterson
Prediction/Comment: Patterson. Close, despite adding parts of Geauga, district still leans Democratic.
Ohio Senate District 18
Candidates: John Eklund, Jim Mueller
Prediction/Comment: Eklund. Lots of help from Republican Senate campaign, but Mueller could make it close.
Ohio Senate District 32
Candidates: Capri S. Cafaro, Nancy McArthur
Prediction/Comment: Cafaro. Incumbent has spent much more money in Democratic leaning district.
Lake County commissioner Jan. 2 term
Candidates: David M. Fiebig, Judy Moran
Prediction/Comment: Moran. Toss-up, Moran has edge with previous countywide run and higher name ID.
Lake County commissioner Jan. 3 term
Candidates: Robert E. Aufuldish, John R. Hamercheck
Prediction/Comment: Aufuldish. Close, but if he wins the Madison area, he’s re-elected.
Lake County clerk of courts
Candidates: Maureen G. Kelly, Emily Teresczuk
Prediction/Comment: Kelly. Incumbent should win fairly comfortably.
Lake County prosecutor
Candidates: Werner Barthol, Charles E. Coulson
Prediction/Comment: Coulson. Longtime prosecutor wins.
Lake County recorder
Candidates: Ann Radcliffe, Jason Wuliger
Prediction/Comment: Wuliger. He got an appointed head-start on the job and has spent a lot of money to keep it.
Lake County treasurer
Candidates: Lorraine M. Fende, Bob Patterson
Prediction/Comment: Fende. High name ID and the long-time office holder should win.
Geauga County commissioner Jan. 2 term
Candidates: Tracy Jemison, Fred Welty
Prediction/Comment: Jemison. It will be difficult to knock out the incumbent.
Geauga County commissioner Jan. 3 term
Candidates: Christopher John Lacny, Ralph Spidalieri
Prediction/Comment: Spidalieri. After winning a contested GOP primary, he’s the favorite.
Geauga County commissioner unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2014
Candidates: Jim Dvorak, Mary Samide
Prediction/Comment: Dvorak. This would mean Democrats get a seat at the commissioners’ table.

Ohio Supreme Court Jan. 1 term
Candidates: Robert W. Price, Terrence O’Donnell
Prediction/Comment: O’Donnell. I'll pick the incumbent here.
Ohio Supreme Court Jan. 2 term
Candidates: William M. O’Neill, Robert R. Cupp
Prediction/Comment: O’Neill. Does his issue about judges and money resonate with voters?
Ohio Supreme Court unexpired term ending Dec. 31, 2014
Candidates: Yvette McGee Brown, Sharon L. Kennedy
Prediction/Comment: Brown. Appointed justice keeps seat on the bench.
11th District Court of Appeals Feb. 9 term
Candidates: Mary Jane Trapp, Colleen M. O’Toole
Prediction/Comment: Trapp. Trapp prevails in this rematch.
Geauga Common Pleas Court judge
Candidates: Forrest Burt, Scott Matasar
Prediction/Comment: Burt. Matasar campaigned hard, but I think Burt wins.
Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court
Candidates: Tim Grendell, Timothy Snyder
Prediction/Comment: Grendell. It’s really hard to pick against him in any race.
Geauga County coroner
Candidates: Robert S. Coleman Jr,, Robert A. Evans
Prediction/Comment: Coleman. Might be close as Evans is a name people might remember.
Geauga County clerk of courts
Candidates: Bonnie Cavanaugh, Denise Kaminski
Prediction/Comment: Kaminski. Incumbent should prevail.
Geauga County recorder
Candidates: Sharon Gingerich, JoAnne Ryan
Prediction/Comment: Gingerich. Republican should win.
Geauga County prosecutor
Candidates: Jeffrey J. Fanger, James Flaiz
Prediction/Comment: Flaiz. I'll pick the Republican here too and he's Geauga Bar Association president.

John Arthur Hutchison
Twitter: @newsheraldjah

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