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Monday, March 30, 2009

A new sheriff in town

The residents of Cuyahoga County — of which I am one — were done a great service on Saturday when Warrensville Heights Police Chief Frank Bova was named interim sheriff.

I'm not sure who else was considered for the position, but I once had the opportunity to meet Bova, and I can tell you he’s a stand-up guy who will conduct himself with integrity.

I met Bova at his police department just a few years ago as a college student earning my journalism degree. Thus, this was before I became a reporter, yet the chief treated me and talked to me with the same level of respect he treated his officers.

Also, it was clear to me his officers paid him that same respect. Over the next 45 days, at the most, it’s my hope that Bova can restore some of that respect to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office.

As it stands now, the sheriff's office is in shambles. Last week, Sheriff Gerald McFaul announced he would retire effective April 1, citing health reasons. However, the following day his office was raided by state authorities as part of an ongoing investigation by a special prosecutor.

Bova will serve an interim term while the county Democratic party decides on a full-time replacement who will serve until the office is vacated in 2010. Bova has made clear through various media reports that he has no intention to run for the office, and at that time will return to Warrensville Heights.

While I’m sure that's the best decision for him and his family, it's a shame for the residents of Cuyahoga County, who would benefit greatly from his service.

-- Michael C. Butz


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