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Friday, April 30, 2010

See How They Run, Cuyahoga?

It’s not just Republicans and Democrats fighting amongst themselves in Lake and Geauga counties.

What about Bob Bennett, the former longtime Ohio Republican Party chairman who also once held the same GOP gavel plus the party state central committee seat in his hometown Cuyahoga County?

In a move reflecting a statewide effort by mavericks, Bennett’s being challenged in Tuesday’s Republican primary by tea party activist Mike Griffith for the 23rd District state central committee in Cuyahoga.

Ohio’s political parties have districts each electing one male and one female to a state central committee.

In this state, such members decide who will run the Grand Ole Party. So would the (very unlikely) ouster of Bennett and other counterparts in Ohio threaten Kevin DeWine, who is now the chair of the Ohio Republican Party?

Hmm. In the same 23rd, incumbent Colleen Wing is challenged by fellow Republican Tiffany Hoke, of Greater Cleveland Young Republicans.

In Cuyahoga’s GOP 24th District, it’s incumbent Nancy Suhadolnic vs. Molly Smith (excutive director of Cleveland Right to Life) and incumbent Dave Bailey (who’s also state GOP vice chair) vs. tea partier Ron Lisy.

In the same county’s GOP 25th District, its incumbent Valerie McPherson vs. Beverly Goldstein and Brittany Williams.

All this is just the Republicans.

What about members of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, precinct, state central and all, plus troubled Chairman Jimmy Dimora’s role being held by interim Chairwoman Patricia Britt?

Who will run the county Democrats after Tuesday?

Among Democrats, take a look at which contested or uncontested candidates favor County Prosecutor Bill Mason as The Only Democrat Standing.

No, silly, not Mason as county Democratic Party chair. But what if it were Lakewood Mayor Ed FitzGerald as Dimora’s full-time successor (especially if FitzGerald ran and lost for the elected county CEO).

You know, if the new Cuyahoga County Democratic Party chairwoman Georgene Welo all along (especially if she ran and lost for CEO)?

--David W. Jones,


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