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Friday, August 13, 2010

Generating Ohio YRs for Portman?

Latest on former Congressman Rob Portman, the Republican running for U.S. Senate in Ohio:

Just announced as the "Generation Portman Leadership":

--State Team chair: Highland Heights' Lisa Stickan, who chairs the National Young Republicans Federation.

--Co-Chair Ryan Johnson, lifelong Lake County resident who chairs Ohio Young Republicans.

--Co-chair Jonathan Snyder, co-chair of Ohio College Young Republicans.

Hmm. Isn't the Lake County Republican Party about to announce an Aug. 28 "Convention" at a place with headliners to be announced?

P.S. But by the time you read this, might it already be announced that President Barack Obama will be in Ohio by Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to campaign and help raise big bucks for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, the Democrat running for the same U.S. Senate seat?

--David W. Jones


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