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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SB 5 may spark Mentor Council debate

State Rep. Ron Young is ruffling the feathers of one Mentor City councilman by requesting to speak before City Council tonight on the state budget and SB 5.

Councilman at Large Ray Kirchner sent the following email to some fellow council members and city officials on Friday: "I am opposed to allowing State Representative Ron Young  to 'offer comments' during our business meeting Tuesday regarding SB 5 unless we allow a representative from the teachers or safety forces unions to speak as well. I harbor very strong opinions about SB 5 and the hidden agenda of those that have anti union intentions and furthermore because of the contentious nature of this law and the repeal that will likely be on the ballot in November, I strongly urge you (to) solicit and allow someone who opposes this law to equal time at our meeting."

Council President Bob Shiner said the policy generally is to prohibit discussion of ballot issues on the council floor, unless it pertains to how the city is run, such as the city income tax and fire levy. "If he wants to talk about it, he’s going to have to answer some tough questions."

Young says that's OK with him. "I'm at their disposal, if they don't want me to talk I won't talk. ... I voted for the bill, clearly I'm supportive of it. There's been a lot of misunderstandings about it, so I was going there to clear up some misunderstandings ... so people can know what they're voting for or against. ... They can ask me questions; there can be dialog. I'm available to them as a resource to provide them with info. ... I'm sure they hear from their unions every day, and maybe they're getting only one side of it."

-- Betsy Scott,


Anonymous robespierre4 said...

Rep Ron Young should be allowed to speak on SB5. The pro-union people have done their best to muzzle support of SB5 by pouring money into negative, misleading ads from all over the country. If the union radicals from out-of-state can fund advertising here in Ohio then we should allow an Ohio representative to speak in support of eliminating these greedy public employee unions that are raping the private sector tax payer. There is no earthly reason to have public employee unions. They take and take and give little in return for our dollar. All the money goes into the pockets of the employees to feed their bloated pensions and Cadillac health care. SB5 is against working people? That’s a joke. The average working person doesn’t get a 38% benefits package or three month’s paid vacation (teachers) and get paid to attend funerals (police). Give us a break already with these greedy unions. The private sector is in the toilet and we've had enough.

July 23, 2011 at 9:51 AM 

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