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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some predictions for Election Day

Not surprisingly, the three state issues on Tuesday’s ballot are already piquing voter interest for Tuesday’s election.
With that in mind, here are my predictions (not meant to imply endorsement) for some, but not all, of the races and issues in Ohio as well as Lake, Geauga and eastern Cuyahoga counties.

State Issue 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to increase the maximum age at which a person may be elected or appointed judge, to eliminate the authority of the General Assembly to establish courts of conciliation, and to eliminate the authority of the governor to appoint a Supreme Court Commission.
Comment: All indications point to voters giving this a stamp of approval.
Prediction: Approved

State Issue 2: A referendum to repeal Ohio Senate Bill 5 relative to government union contracts and other government employment contracts and policies. Essentially, a new law that seeks to make changes to Ohio’s collective bargaining laws.
Comment: Doubtful the law gets the support Gov. John Kasich had hoped.
Prediction: Repealed

State Issue 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage.
Comment: Not sure if this amendment means anything legally since federal law trumps state law but voters want to have a say anyway. I think the margin will be pretty close.
Prediction: Approved

Willoughby Municipal Court Judge
Candidates are Democrat Harry Field, Republican Karen Lutz Kowall, and independents Tammy Georgian Gibson and Katica Markulin.
Comment: In a traditionally Democratic-leaning jurisdiction, it’s hard to pick against one, but it should be close.
Prediction: Field

Chardon Municipal Court Judge
Candidates are Democrat Terri Stupica, Republican Matt Lynch and independent Tim Snyder.
Comment: It’s difficult to think a Democrat can win in such a heavily Republican-leaning county, but I’ll pick against the grain.
Prediction: Stupica

Mentor Council:
For Ward 1, it’s Sean P. Blake, Becky Lynch, Robert M. Shiner and Nicholas Valeri. In Ward 2, it’s Carolyn P. Bucey vs Brian Mark Wollet. In Ward 3, it’s Bruce Landeg vs Edward R. Walsh. And in Ward 4 it’s John Krueger vs Ronald L. Micchia.
Comment: I think each race will be fairly close and I could be wrong on all four.
Predictions: Shiner, Bucey, Landeg, Micchia

Euclid mayor: Candidates are Bill Cervenik, Jack Johnson, Christopher Michael Litwinowicz and Charlene Mancuso
Comment: Will three challengers split the vote to allow the incumbent to win?
Prediction: Cervenik

Riverside Schools: 5-year, $6,098,000 (est. 5.97 mills) additional emergency levy.
Prediction: Defeat

Lakeland Community College: 10-year, 1.5 mill renewal levy for building and construction or improvements
Prediction: Approval

Possible candidates
Kirtland Republican Jason Wuliger picked up petitions for Lake County recorder. Perry Township Democrat Christine J. Page picked up petitions for Lake County treasurer.

Candidate filings
Willowick Democrat James Helmink filed for the Ohio 60th House District. Will Lake County Commissioner Daniel P. Troy, also a Willowick Democrat, file to create a Democratic primary?

Candidate event
Lake County Common Pleas Court Judge Vincent Culotta campaign kick-off Nov. 22 at LaMalfa in Mentor. See Catherine Garner or I. James Hackenberg.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Issue 3 creates a 10th Amendment setting and THAT would trump a federal law. Plus the 27 state Supreme Court case will be decided on JUST PRIOR to NOV 2012 (how convenient) revoking Obamacare from those participating states in the lawsuit.

November 6, 2011 at 12:59 AM 

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