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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Double, double, toil and trouble

Politics and the coincidental calendar can get confusing between state Sen. Tim Grendell R-Chester Township, and fellow Republicans.

On one day, as reported, the Lake County Republican Party Exec Committee said it censures Grendell. GOP statements said he supposedly got too close to a Democrat who ousted a Republican last year.

On the same day, by the sheerest happenstance, was a scheduled Ohio Supreme Court hearing in a case involving a lawsuit filed against Grendell by a consultant for Republicans.

This was a third appeal in a case which Republican Grendell had won twice in lower courts in what legal jargon calls "double dismissal."

The suer alleges Grendell didn't pay up on bonuses for the consultant's campaign help that left other Republicans unhappy. Or something.

After the double dismissal defeats in lower courts, the suer went to SUPCO for his third try. Is it reported yet who won the trifecta, or does everybody keep waiting and waiting and waiting?

Either way, maybe what comes around can go around in either direction for maverick Grendell.

But some eyebrows might be raised after Republicans last year lost all those offices nationally and in Ohio.

That included now-ousted state Rep. Carol-Ann Schindel, R-Leroy Township. She lost to the Ohio Democratic Party, Lake County Democratic Party and now-incumbent state Rep. Mark Schneider, D-Mentor.

(Hmm. Just as the local Republican Party goes intraparty venting, so did the local Democratic Party wherein up-risers earlier tried and failed to oust party leadership).

But is the Grendell/GOP stir a free gift to--


What if the Ohio Republican Party tries to make a second comeback in the next election and risks a double dismissal defeat of GOP candidates in Lake County?

--David W. Jones


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