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Friday, April 24, 2009

The rest of the (loge) story

Unfortunately, the length of an article is limited by the space available in that day’s newspaper.

As a result, not everything that was said or discussed at the marathon finance committee meeting Monday night in Eastlake was printed.

One item picked up on by some readers was the city's potential acquisition of a loge should council approve the lease agreement amendment proposed by the Lake County Captains and negotiated with the Eastlake administration.

Some expressed concern over whether the loge would be used only by the mayor and/or council to entertain friends and family.

So, in an effort to clarify, here's a bit more of what was discussed Monday night:

It was made clear by Mayor Ted Andrzejewski that the loge's primary use would be for economic development.

One form of that could be to host businesses considering whether to locate in Eastlake, as Captain General Manager Brad Seymour said he's seen done in other markets over his career.

A second form of that could be coordinating with businesses already in Eastlake to allow them to either reward employees or host their own customers, Andrzejewski said.

Yet a third idea tossed around Monday night was setting up some kind of raffle to allow Eastlake residents the chance to win the 16-person loge for a night.

"It's more of a (public relations) thing than it is a money maker for us," City Councilman Dennis Morley said.

The loge has a market value of $15,000, according to Captains officials.

-- Michael C. Butz


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