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Friday, April 30, 2010

Geauga County, Bar None?

For the Republicans in the Tuesday primary for the five-county 11th District Court of Appeals, Geauga County Bar Association attorneys highly favor Eugene Lucci over Colleen Mary O’Toole.

Lucci votes: 36 highly recommended, 32 recommended, 5 not recommended and 6 no opinion. O’Toole votes: 47 not recommended, 10 highly recommended, 17 recommended and 5 no opinion.

Democrats Tom Wright and Neil Wilson seeking their party’s nomination Tuesday?

Wright: 9 highly recommended, 14 recommended, 4 not recommended and 52 no opinion. Wilson: 6 highly recommended, 21 recommended, 28 not recommended and 24 no opinion.

Hmm. All this is that writer’s guesses is that five-county draw will be Republican O’Toole and Democrat Wright both nominated.

-David W. Jones


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