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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Countdown, 1, 2--

Talking precinctly and succinctly, there are those once-tied votes for precinct seats held by people who run the two political parties in Geauga County.

So Elections Board Chairman Dorothy Stang on Tuesday had to do a coin flip on who won.

Of Democrats in Newbury Precinct E, it was 26 votes each for incumbent Linda Phillips and challenger Glen Quigley (former county recorder). Quigley won the flip.

Of Republicans in Burton Township Precinct B, it was also 26 votes each for incumbent Dan Whiting (township trustee) and challenger Jean Coe. Whiting won.

And next? Well, the board will return Friday morning and officially re-tally the numbers, this time by handcount. Anybody crossing their fingers?

- David W. Jones


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