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Friday, May 14, 2010

A rising star on the right in Chardon?

Chardon City Council may be the launching pad for the political career of a young conservative. Mitch Hewitt was elected to council in November at age 29 and already appears to be making a mark.

The high school teacher and coach speaks authoritatively about his views, and other council members appeared impressed by his eloquence and persuasiveness at Thursday's meeting when he expressed his opposition to a new tax.

His delivery could use a little polish, but he has other qualities that often are a boon in the political arena. I have no idea of his aspirations beyond council, if any, but local leaders may want to take note.

To see Hewitt in action, check out the following link: and view the video entitled "Chardon councilman takes on license tag tax."

Betsy Scott,


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