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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uh oh, LaTourette TV or not TV?

David W. Jones

Uh oh.

Anybody hear today (Wednesday May 26)) about U.S. Rep. Steve LaTourette, R-Bainbridge Township, not liking what Fox reported on a bill he and other Republicans co-sponsored.

Citing LaTourette among his targets, a newscaster said, "These are the folks who would like to have you bail out the unions."

So speaking on the floor Tuesday in the U.S. House in D.C. in a talk viewers can see on CSPAN, LaTourette said:

“I think as a Republican, I’m supposed to love Fox News and hate MSNBC. Now, I’m going to tell you, I do hate MSNBC, but something just happened on Fox News that compelled me to come to the floor. ...I don’t know who the pin head and weenie is at Fox News that decided to put that story together.”

This isn't to be confused with Fox News laughing with the congressman in March 2009 when he commented on the stimulus plan:

“Well, today there’s another sucking sound going on in Washington, D.C. And that’s the tightening of sphincters on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue as people are having to explain who put into the stimulus bill this provision of law.”


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