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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whatever happened to --

Joyce Peck?

You know, the Lake County court reporter for 33 years through various judges including current Domestic Relations Judge Colleen Falkowski and, before that, Judges John Parks, Ross D. Avellone and Francine M. Bruening.

She’s retiring. Friday (May 28) will be her last day as the transcriptionist and professional trusted by anybody legal, especially judges. Randy Peck, her husband, still works for the county government.

County Commissioners Dan Troy, Ray Sines and Bob Aufuldish salute her with an official certification of recognition of her “unwavering dedication, tenacity and integrity."

Peck, the commissioners wrote, "drew universal respect and admiration from all she encountered, including the attorneys for whom she conscientiously prepared timely and accurate transcripts, court reporters and colleagues in Domestic Relations Court."

As a journalist who covered many a trial, this writer certainly knows Joyce Peck as one of the legendary pros in the Lake County Courthouse in Paineville, Ohio

--David W. Jones


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