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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lake GOP chairman sounds off on Strickland's visit

After Gov. Ted Strickland's appearance Saturday in Mentor, Lake County Republican Party Chairman Dale Fellows had this to say:

"Governor Strickland needs to move out of the way and let John Kasich, a dynamic visionary, lead the state of Ohio back to the greatness it once was," Fellows said. "Strickland correctly identified the most important issues facing Ohio, economic development and job creation, however, he and his Development Director, Lee Fisher, have led our state to economic disaster with over 400,000 jobs lost, century-old businesses leaving Ohio, and increased poverty. January can’t come soon enough for Ohioans and Ohio businesses."

Strickland also talked about providing "a high quality education for our kids," Fellows said.

"This is the same Ted Strickland who basically said when he was running for Governor in 2006 that if he can’t solve school funding as Governor he shouldn't be re-elected. Well Governor, you should not be re-elected for many reasons," the GOP chairman said.

-- John Arthur Hutchison

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